CREDERIAN is derived from the Latin word, “Credo” which means “to trust in, rely on; (be) dependable.”

Crederian's business philosophy is to provide superior services and deliver the highest quality of timely and accurate reporting. We work to earn the client's trust by acting in a professional, responsive and knowledgeable manner and to consistently deliver services over and above what is expected.

At Crederian, we live up to our name:

    • Trustworthy
      Investment managers expect their administrator to provide an exceedingly high level of service that will validate their trust and confidence. To earn that trust, Crederian's top priority will always be to consistently deliver high quality services in a responsive and timely manner.

    • Reliable
      There are many reasons for entrusting your administration needs to Crederian. We have the depth of expertise that allows us to support all your back-office accounting and administration activities. By partnering with Crederian, you will be able to rely on our exceptional and professional services for you and investors.

    • Dependable
      Crederian ensures that client services are performed consistently at the highest quality level. Our responsive staff has a determined focus on fulfilling client requests in a highly responsive time frame.

    • Accurate
      Crederian prides itself on the quality of its services. Prior to release, a rigorous internal review is performed on all aspects of the accounting process, utilizing multiple checklists and control procedures. We take pride in our attention to detail and strive to consistently exceed client expectations.

    • Experienced
      Our strength is derived from our talented, experienced professional staff. Our associates are highly motivated with deep experience in accounting, operations and administration for an array of investment products. This level of experience allows us to offer customized solutions rather than a standardized platform.

We live up to our name.
Our goal is to exceed your expectations.